Ilgar Hajiyev founded new scam business in USA

Recently it became known that 2 companies in the USA and 1 in Germany for the cultivation and sale of cannabis in its original form and as the relaxants belong to the Azerbaijani businessman Ilgar Hajiyev.

In 2016 there was a world-famous scandal about Ilgar stoled a large amount of money from Russians. He earned $10 million from entrepreneurs, persuading them to become investors in 2 promising building projects in their capital: Pirogovskaya Riviera and Akkord Smart-Kvartal РC. Without completing the construction, he sold the apartments to completely uninvolved persons. After this scam, he was put on the nationwide alert, but perfectly hid for 2 years in Germany.

This is not Gadzhiev's first and last scheme. You can read more about his addiction to drugs, deceiving companions, attempts on people’s lives here: -business-in-russia/

But Ilgar Hajiyev could not disappear for long. The other day, it became known where the Azerbaijani hid and what he was dealing with. It turns out he converted his drug addiction to cannabis production!

Just a couple years ago 2 new companies were opened in the States of Ohio and California where marijuana is legalized. The first firm poses as a medical project that helps families, sick kids and the disabled people to recover. The second project is created for mass production and sale of cannabis. Both assure to enhance their work with the help of investors and guarantee high profitability and prospects from their sharings. The official sites of these companies have numerous details about the benefits of investing, but there is no reliable information about its owners and partners.

What a pity that Ilgar did not take into account that the companies’ registration papers are in the public access. Thus, we know that Ilgar Hajiyev is behind these "profitable" projects now.

His new company Exci (, as well as in the 2016 in Moscow, actively encourages everyone to invest in it. But now these are not apartments, but greenhouses, and not only entrepreneurs, but also everyone can spend their money. The company promises profitability over 50% from the minimum $400 investment. The Ilgar Hajiyev project  Canni Exci llc seems innovative and truly promising, because there are numerous medical recommendations and environmental expertises on the Exci website. Notably, the owners of all his new projects are all from Ilgar’s surrounding, among the family or friends. And what’s next? Another betrayal or money-laundering?

Hajiyev's connection with the new company is not fictionalized. Here are some evidences from the California company register:

03/02/2020 - Ilgar Hajiyev became CEO of Schaeffer Nutra Holdings in Los Angeles, California.

Canni Exci LLC documet

13/10/2020 - Sonakhanum Gadzhieva (Ilgar's wife) became the Manager of Schaeffer Nutra Holdings.


Here is another familiar face - Damir Bashirov. This is the personal lawyer and secretary of the azerbaijani businessman, involved in Hajiyev’s fraud with the SDI international company. Since then, nothing has changed, and here is Bashirov, doing the service of the entire process for Ilgar Hajiyev.

Next, Schaeffer Nutra Holdings acquires the “Exci” trademark without changing the registered office. 

Since then, this company is an investment project and its Agent is still Damir Bashirov.


13/10/2020 - Exci becomes a property of a Canadian company with the very familiar name Schaeffer Capital Inves. At the same time, Ilgar's wife became the Manager of  the former Schaeffer Nutra Holdings.

All these business activities, which at first glance change nothing, are castling and hiding from the public.

11/11/2020 - Russian court sentenced to detain Ilgar Gadzhiev. A month has passed, but Hajiyev is still at large under protection of the German government.

It is clear that the new “investment” project created by Hajiyev for stolen $10 million has the aim to make big profit. Plan has got stones, considering that that was not at domestic, but at international level. But, of course, we hope that his new planned scam of Ilgar Hajiyev is fully unrevealed.We expect Hajiyev and his companions to get judicial punishment and victims - moral and financial support.