Story "Do not go to the basement" # 10

He knew that he had not enough air to the surface. He tried to breathe twice slower to preserve oxygen. There was another stop.
He did not wait a minute. He began to rise further.
The computer was only 11 meters in height.
He stopped at five meters away. He was so close, but can not overdo it. He will succeed. Wait thirty seconds.
He noticed one thing. The surface seemed much darker. Is this an illusion due to lack of light below, the storm has already begun?
3% air supply.
Only gas pairs are present at the bottom of the cylinder.
With the next sound signal of the computer, it began to work feet and rushed to the sea surface.
The rope tied to its cylinder was stretched on an automatic corkscrew mounted on a boat. The noise of the mechanism running along the rope gave him consolation.
(Almost there!)
A terrible feeling pierced him that something is wrong. Something is very wrong.
It was only about two meters from the surface. He felt the pressure in the ears from the changing pressure when the boat suddenly floated past him. They literally passed by, as passengers passing elevators.
(concerning ...?)
He watched the outlines of the motor boat for a moment disappeared.
Suddenly, the water opened and surfaced. The creaking in the ears stopped, and the sky appeared in his eyes. So dark that for a moment he thought that now night.
The first lightning forced him to understand that this is coal-black thunderstorm clouds.
A huge wave hit him in the face. Spin is several times. The storm began.
Wait ...
Suddenly it happened. It was his boat. And headed down.
The rope attached to its cylinder is tightened.
The winch is stuck.
(about fucking)
Huge power pulled him under the water.
The black box fell out of his hands and began to slow down from him. He saw the desired surface removing from him.
He tried to stretch his hand behind his back, but the rope kept him from turning and grabbing for the rope.
He could not catch his breath. He published strangal grunts.
He is tied to the boat. It is like attachment to the box. Diver from the basic course will not make such a nonsense. He is finished idiot.
(Think, think, think)
Cord thick almost in centimeter pulled it down.
Can shed all the jacket.
Moment ...
Throw a jacket with a rope attached?
He will also lose a bottle with the remaining oxygen. Today is enough for assholes.
(I think you are a moron!)
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